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5 year-old boy with short attention span, easily distracted, poor motor coordination and fine motor control. Took 1 course of REVAMP.

My son NM was born prematurely in the year 2003. Because he was a preemie we were warned by paediatricians that he may be delayed in achieving his developmental milestones, they also said that he would ‘catch up’ once he was older.  As parents we accepted it all in good faith since at that point of time, we were primarily concerned that his health was not affected in any way due to his prematurity. We  however noted that he met his milestones later than others in his age group, still we were not unduly worried over it all.

NM’s younger brother AG was born in 2004.  When AG turned 3 and NM was 4, we began to notice differences, minute at first, which became more and more distinct as the brothers grew older. When NM turned 4, we began to worry. Since we had AG to compare with, the differences between them disturbed us.  NM had increasing bouts of tantrums such as over a toy that he wanted, whether at home or in a mall, when he wanted something he had to have it and had a tantrum when we didn’t give in. We enrolled him in preschool at 3 yrs so that he would experience a wider social environment, later on we found out from a child psychologist, that enrolling him very early in preschool was just about the best move that we had made for NM. But school life that first year was difficult, he was unsociable, didn’t sit still during class and didn’t follow the lessons smoothly.

When he turned 5, we enrolled him with a speech therapist, it did wonders for him but still the tantrums were there though much lesser, he was still inattentive and got distracted easily. His writing was very poor compared to AG and he wrote with difficulty. We wanted to do more for him and I was looking around ‘googling’ on the internet, asking friends for advice and generally thinking what else to do when I stumbled across the Kidzgrow advertisement in the newspapers. I was immediately excited and after consulting my husband, we had him evaluated.  The analysis of the evaluation was pretty much in line with what we already knew about NM and confirmed our concerns for NM. But we were excited at the prospect of being in a situation and position to improve the quality of our beloved son’s life.

NM enrolled for REVAMP in 2007 and completed 24 sessions. I noticed improvements after 3 sessions, it was easier to get him to sit down and complete his homework, he was more attentive when we spoke to him and the most important thing was that he enjoyed his REVAMP classes and looked forward to them. As parents we too were educated by Kidsgrow in learning to handle our child, how to improve his senses, his motor skills. As a scientific person, I was skeptical at first, I needed to be convinced that what he was doing in REVAMP can help, I wanted reasonings and explanations behind every single activity in REVAMP, but I was still willing to give it a shot.  I understood the need for the clay dough to improve his grasp, the vibrating pencil to improve his control, the massaging to improve blood circulation throughout his body and stimulate his nerves, thus supporting and improving his motor skills, the jumping on the trampoline, the clockwise and counter clockwise movements on the rotating board etc. I analysed all these in my mind, finding the answers to be factual and science based reasonings and was finally convinced of the goodness that REVAMP has to offer, through the stimulation of all the senses.

Many people who have known NM commented on his improvements in almost every aspect. His paediatrician also commented that NM had improved by ‘leaps and bounds’.   Before he used to be unsociable, and hide his face from people he wasn’t familiar with. Now he can walk up to a visitor in our home and introduce himself or talk to the person with familiarity. I find it easier to get him to complete his homework, since he was able to sit still longer and be more attentive. He was also making friends in school and the preschool teachers have also constantly praised his improvements in class. He had made such an impact on the teachers that he was selected to give a short speech for the annual concert.  You cannot imagine how I and my husband felt when he came on stage to deliver his 6-line speech. I thought my heart would burst with pride and we as parents never thought that one day we would hear our son talk with such clarity and confidence in front of hundreds of parents and children.

In fact he has been a role model to other students who come in with learning difficulties, teachers ask parents to talk to me to find out how to help their children and to answer the final question, this is my message to all parents, don’t give up and don’t despair. There is always something that can be done for your child. There is always an avenue, a way through the darkness into the light.  Though I would say that he still has a long way to go, I am mostly glad that we are on the right track and made the right decisions for him in enabling him to be more independent and confident through programmes such as REVAMP.

But above all, NM is now a happier child, he is willing to listen to reason on why he cannot have something such as a toy, he is able to tell us what went on in school, who did what, he is able to walk up to a clown and ask for a balloon when not so very long ago, he would cry and cover his eyes and asked to be brought home rather than face a clown. He is able to hold a pencil in the proper manner and write his name proudly. I can confidently say that aside from the speech therapist, Kidsgrow’s Revamp programme has played a major role in enriching the quality of NM’s childhood years.

Very shy boy and refused to participant in some tests during assessment. Parents complaint that he has difficulties in sitting still, behavior problems, and always throws tantrums. His LSE results show difficulties in motor coordination, weak eye-hand coordination, significant attention problem (according to parents' observation - CPRS)

-Parent's concerns:
Attention, body activity levels, fine motor skills, speech and language skills, and emotional regulation

-Sessions of programmes:
1 course of REVAMP - 24 sessions in 12 weeks
2nd course of REVAMP - on-going

After 1st course of REVAMP
Overall motor coordination test: Improved from <1% to 3%
Handwriting control test: 1% to 63%
He is able to copy the sentences though it was not so nice and tidy.

Clinical observation of his improvement: Speech and language skills- having more complete sentences, able to tell about school events.