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KidzGrow Malaysia

KidzGrow Centers are a One-Stop Centre where results oriented research based programmes are used to help smart children maximize their learning capabilities. KidzGrow centers in the region have successfully helped thousands of children in the past 5 years to enhance their learning skills and to uncover their brilliance.

KL CentreWe help you understand why your bright child is encountering problems such as Poor Attention & Concentration, Poor Reading Ability, Untidy Handwriting, Clumsiness & more in school, we are here to help you identify, understand and resolve the issues in the shortest time possible. Children working on our programmes are expected to see visible improvements in the child's learning abilities in 6 - 8 weeks.

KidzGrow Programmes, which encapsulates the convergence of neuroscience, technology and education, are most effective in helping children learn and absorb better, faster and find confidence at school, tuition and enrichment classes.

Penang CentreKidzGrow Centres are NOT enrichment NOR tuition centres. Our services are complimentary to theirs. We do not teach content e.g. teach Maths or Science but work on the foundational abilities of a child to learn better.

IDEALLY we are the professionals you should come to BEFORE enrolling your child into enrichment centres or tuition centres. We evaluate your child's foundational learning abilities and enhance them through evidence-based programmes.